Technique: Watercolor

Genre: Figurative

Country: Italy




Davide Siddi was born in Cagliari in 1987.

He finished his classical studies in 2006 and as a self-taught artist and he devoted himself entirely to the study of painting, drawing and art history. In the same year, he made his first exhibition. He currently has around thirty personal and collective exhibitions held in galleries and museums throughout Italy and in some European capitals.

His intense artistic activity, his commitment in the field of cultural promotion and his growing appreciation by the public have given his works a constant increase in prices.


Davide Siddi is strongly linked to the European painting of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in which the figurative remains the main artistic expression.


He's specialized in watercolor technique, with a strong focus on portraits and landscapes, especially urban ones. His study of the technique allowed him to obtain the sponsorship of the Fabriano paper mills with which he has collaborated since 2014.


Great traveler draws inspiration for his works from the cities he visits, during his travels he holds cahier de voyage where he creates watercolors and drawings and with short texts pinpoints the experience of travel, a selection of these was published in 2015 with the title of Quaderni cagliaritani.










- Saint-Chamond (France), IV Biennale d'Aquarelle

- Jamshoro (Pakistan), IWS (international watercolor society) collective exhibition

- Fabriano (Italy),IWS (international watercolor society) collective exhibition 

- Cagliari (Italy) Galleria Esdé, "Simpliciter" Solo-Exhibition


- Fabriano (Italy),IWS (international watercolor society) collective exhibition


- Cagliari (Italy) Galleria Suoni e Pause,"Esquisses et Etudes" Solo-Exhibition


- Cagliari (Italy) Galleria Canelles, Solo-Exhibition

- Cagliari (Italy) Galleria La Bacheca, Solo-Exhibition


- Bologna (Italy) Solo-Exhibition


- Siliqua (Italy) Montegranatico,"Storia di un castello" Solo-Exhibition

- Roma (Italy) Museo Nazionale degli strumenti musicali, collective exhibition

- Bergamo (Italy) Museo Bopo, collective exhibition

- Torino (Italy) Galleria Il salotto dell'Arte, collective exhibition


- Atene (Greece) Galleria Argòs, collective exhibition





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Vico I dei Genovesi 6, 09124, Cagliari

P.IVA 03762070922

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