Technique: watercolor

Genre: Figurative

Country: Italy



Geremia Cerri was born in 1983 in Soresina (CR). Son of artisans, he grew up among his parents' work tools, art books, vinyl records and musical instruments. After graduating from art school, he first dedicated himself to music, then mountain biking. The passion for art and nature, in general, have been intertwined since 2014 in watercolor, the day after a positive stay in Sardinia. In 2016 he excelled in the impromptu Soncino (CR) and Polpenazze on Garda (BS), also winning the third place at the I International Watercolor Competition banned by the Galleria Esdé. He lives with his wife Arianna and his daughter Nora in Casalbuttano, in the province of Cremona.



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Vico I dei Genovesi 6, 09124, Cagliari

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