International Watercolor Contest 2019 (4th edition) by Galleria Esdé

In these days we will make the catalog which will include the finalist artworks  and those who have won the publication prize.


The catalog is chargeable in a limited edition.

The cost of the catalog is 25 euros Excluding shipping costs.

You can by the catalogue also in the Opening Day of the Exhibition


We ask to book your copy (if interested) by sending an email to direzione@galleriaesde.com


Shipping costs: Send out of Italy could be very expensive. We use the EMS service but shipping costs are always a bit expensive. We write the shipping costs of your countries, but if you know a cheaper courier and if you want to book a shipping, please, let us know, we are here at your disposal. 


Bulgaria 25 Euro + 42 Euro Shipping Costs

Bolivia 25 Eur + 48 Euro Shipping Costs

France 25 Euro + 21,50 Euro Shipping Costs

Germany 25 Euro + 18 Euro Shipping Costs

India 25 Euro + 44 Euro Shipping Costs

Iran 25 Euro + 48 Euro Shipping Costs

Hong Kong 25 Euro + 48 Euro Shipping Costs

Singapore 25 Euro + 58 Euro Shipping Costs

South Africa 25 Euro + 48 Euro Shipping Costs

Spain 25 Euro + 21,50 Euro Shipping Costs

Sweden 25 Euro + 23 Euro Shipping Costs

Thailandia 25 Eur + 48 Euro Shipping Costs

Ukraine 25 Eur + 42 Euro Shipping Costs


How to buy the catalog:

Through PayPal, Via Credit, debit or prepaid Card.





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