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The art before the work

CALL for the digital review of Drawings and drafts - fourth edition


Galleria Esdé , contemporary art gallery launches the call for " Art before the work - fourth edition of the review of Drawings and drafts" , for the first year in digital, only on our e-commerce .

their creations, not only to beautify your home, but to live a regenerating and pleasant experience. With this review we will talk about the research, study and work of an artist , the traces on the sheets, the choice of pigments or tools , the hands soiled with color and graphite.

We will take you on tiptoe to the artist's studio to show what lies behind the birth of a work, because the creative process is itself art and to be revealed it only needs a narrator "

Daniela and Davide

directors of Galleria Esdé

"In this period of uncertainty and instability in which everything changes constantly and the exhibitions seem a distant memory, we thought about changing the rules of the game. The artists have not stopped painting and we will find a way to present them to you and take you to casa le

Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Copi

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

A. Einstein





SINCE 2014



We are young people who have been working in the art world for years and who have thought of creating a gallery in order to bring together artists in a small cultural salon   and an audience of onlookers and collectors. We support the artistic research of emerging or established authors and are motivated, creative and passionate. Since 2014.

  • You want to introduce yourself to a gallery that does not exhibit paid works and that offers real sales opportunities;

  • You think it's the right way to express your art and you don't fear gallery selections;

  • Looking for a place to find people who share the same passion.






Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Copi



1. possono accedere gratuitamente artisti +18.

2. Si candidano da 1 a 5 disegni e/o bozze (sketch), da intendersi come lavori veloci, studi preparatori, figurativi o astratti (in qualsiasi tecnica e su qualsiasi supporto), inediti (non candidati in concorsi, non pubblicati in riviste, cataloghi, negozi online. Non si accettano riproduzioni di opere famose). 

3. La candidatura si presenta dopo aver letto attentamente il regolamento, inserendo i propri dati personali e compilando il seguente MODULO

4. Le foto delle opere dovranno essere caricate in ottima qualità (risoluzione 300 DPI e max 5MB cad.). Il nome del file da inviare deve contenere nome e cognome dell'autore, titolo, dimensioni dell'opera e