Winners of International Watercolor Contest 2020

The International Watercolor Contest reaches its fourth edition and continues with its aim of searching for the different paths within the international artistic panorama and at the same time documenting the evolution of contemporary watercolor.


The 3 winners selected by our international jury are awarded the purchase prizes of € 1000, € 500 and € 300 respectively, while the winners of the other prizes listed below will participate in important events in the artistic field.

Tejo Van Den Broeck

1st place






"The idea is more important than the work itself"



Art is not merely aesthetic reproduction, its essence lies in the idea, in the concept that precedes and conforms the work.

Anne McCartney

2nd Place



A deep perspective vision combined with a great play of light and shadow make this work a masterful construction

Ingrid Aldritt

3rd Place



A deep perspective vision combined with a great play of light and shadow make this work a masterful construction

Sonia Bomben

Galleria Esdé Prize


Great expressive ability, personal and eclectic technique make her an interesting artist who has a lot to tell

Gloria Toscano 

Saint-Chamond Biennial Special Prize



The soft and ethereal contours frame a story that the painting conveys with great evocative force.

Mia Koeneman


Special Prize



Almost an abstraction is the one that manages to harmoniously transfer with different layers of color, with glacial tones. the watercolor rendered in excellent shape.

Agnieszka Midera 

Winsor&Newton Special Prize



An elegant and vibrant combination of colors for this subject that evokes Mediterranean suggestions in the morning sun, in a countryside that could be in the South of many countries of the world ...

Pasquale Mazzullo

Winsor&Newton Special Prize


A vigorous and ringing maritime glimpse translated by fresh brush strokes and without hesitation.

Random touches only apparently denote a certainty and a color control that is enhanced in the richness of small and large movements of the pictorial gesture.

Maria Lucia Aramu 

Orawan Laosakul





Despite the young age in the works one already reads a certain artistic maturity characterized by a good technical mastery and interesting compositional choices.

LaborLimae Prize



A selection in the selection. 10 works chosen directly by Edoardo Angeli, owner of the Gallery

LaborLimae of Turin which every year offers its customers its favorite watercolors. 


Below, respectively: Agnieszka Midera, Boonkwang Noncharoen, Katsiaryna Ziuzina, Daniel Hardyns, Alberto Bassani, Francesca Pracilio, Elena Brazzale, Anne McCartney, Radina Ivanova, Stephanie Boechat. 

Honorable Mentions


For the quality of the works, the jury decided to assign honorable mentions to:

Giovanni Balzarani, Vali Kura Dimroci, Junsung Back, Francesca Pracilio, Arunas Vilkevicius


Fabriano InAcquarello
L'Entente Artistique
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